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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

Instructions for writing a request

A request from a student, e.g., to change the field of study, change subjects in the syllabus etc. is handled by the Programme Council for Biosciences.

A request must contain:

  •  Address of the student, to which an answer will be sent
  •  Date of application
  •  Name, surname
  •  Date and place of birth
  •  Contact data (e-mail address, GSM no.)
  •  Professional (scientific) title obtained to date
  • Year of study and scientific field
  • Clear and short content of the request
  • Student's signature
  • Supervisor's signature

The Programme Council for Biosciences will not deal with a request without the above data.

Requests should be delivered to the Office for Level 3 Studies of the Biotechnical Faculty (Jamnikarjeva 101, 1000 Ljubljana).

Requests from students relating to the procedure of an already registered theme of a doctoral dissertation (e.g., change of dissertation, subsequent appointment of a supervisor) will be handled by the competent commission or senate of the faculty, responsible for individual scientific fields.

At the Biotechnical Faculty, this is the Commission for Doctoral Studies. The request should be prepared according to instructions given for submission to the Programme Council for Biosciences.