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interdisciplinary doctoral study program


At the doctoral study of Biosciences, lectures are organized only in courses chosen by at least five students. The list of courses for the academic year 2022/23 that will be conducted in the form of lectures, will be published on this page. Schedules for the courses carried out with lectures will be published in the first half of November, or even earlier if the individual lecturer prepares the schedule himself (without the involvement of the Doctoral Studies Office). In this case, the lecturer will contact the participants in the course and agree with them on the dates of lectures.

In the case of courses chosen by less than 5 candidates, the course will be taken only in the form of consultations. A student agrees on the holding of consultations directly with the lecturer responsible for the course. Student can contact the lecturers from 24 October 2022 onwards. The contact email addresses of the lecturers are published here: http://www.bioznanosti.si/en/studij-2/educators