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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

Collegiums / Commissions for doctoral studies / Faculty senates

All procedures for monitoring themes and titles of doctoral dissertations, appointing commissions in doctoral procedures, applications for resolving individual requests from candidates (e.g., change of subjects etc.) and conducting all other matters in connection with doctoral procedures shall be commenced by the responsible authorities commissioned by the faculties providing each of the fields of study. The coordinators of the scientific fields are (see chapter 11) are members of these bodies (e.g. collegium of the field of study, commission for doctoral studies or faculty senate).

Programe Council

The Programme Council consists of the coordinators of the scientific fields and representatives of faculties and other institutions which have at least five lecturers in the programme. The Programme Council is chaired by the President of the Programme Council, who has a deputy. The term of office of the president is four years and is renewable. 

Competences of the Programme Council:

  • It examines applications from candidates and decides which candidates will be admitted to the programme;
  • It adopts supplementary programmes;
  • It adopts the working plan of education in doctoral studies in Biosciences;
  • It analyses the effectiveness of implementation and suggests measures for its improvement;
  • It adopts rules on the organisation and financial business of doctoral studies in Biosciences for each year separately;
  • Decides on individual student applications and requests (e.g. subject change, enrolment in another field of study);
  • Ensures the connection and cooperation of research groups