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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

Rules on the organisation of studies

Doctoral studies in Biosciences are regulated by the Regulation on doctoral studies by which is specified the manner and organisation of the implementation of a doctoral study programme.

  • The University publishes a call for applications for admission to the doctoral study programme Biosciences. The call for applications must be in compliance with Statute of the University of Ljubljana.
  • The Biotechnical Faculty collects applications from students for admission, and delivers them for review and confirmation by the Programme Council. 
  • Prior to admission, the student chooses a supervisor from the range of higher education teachers or scientific workers working in a field which is connected to the student's selected scientific field. Together they choose subjects and specify the scientific orientation of studies.
  • At the time of enrolment in the 1st year of doctoral study, the student signs a contract on carrying out studies.
  • The Biotechnical Faculty enrols all the accepted candidates. All the procedures tied to the acquisition of scientific titles are led by the coordinator of the scientific field.
  • The Biotechnical Faculty organises and ensures the implementation of the doctoral programme in terms of keeping records in connection with studies and students, organising and ensuring the implementation of lectures and other study requirements for subjects (lecturers, premises, timetables, informing lecturers and students etc.).
  • A written agreement is concluded for each student by which is determined which obligations (subjects) the student will undertake at another faculty, and when s/he will undertake them (coordination of obligations in terms of time is necessary). Evaluation of obligations (no. of credit points) and costs connected with the implementation of programmes at other faculties
  • Member lecturers, in cooperation with supervisors, ensure the undisturbed research work of the student.
  • The procedure for registering themes for a doctoral dissertation is conducted by the Senate of the faculty that is coordinating the field in which the student is enrolled. The theme of the doctoral dissertation is confirmed by the Senate of the University of Ljubljana
  • On the proposal of the member faculty in which the candidate has successfully defended the doctoral dissertation, the Rector promotes the candidate to Doctor of Science.