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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

From first to second year

The condition for advancement from the 1st to the 2nd year of doctoral studies in Biosciences is the completion of requirements to the extent of at least 45 credit points. 

From second to third year

The condition for advancement from the 2nd to the 3rd year is completion of all obligations from the 1st and 2nd years of study, in which are included:

  • all exams passed from the 1st and 2nd years of doctoral studies,
  • individual research work completed to a total extent of 70 ECTS,
  • by the start of the summer semester in the 2nd year of study, an application handed in for approval of the theme and title of the doctoral thesis,
  • prior to enrolment in the 3rd year, successful presentation of the theme of the thesis to members of the commission for assessing the theme and title of the thesis.

Final third year and condition for completion of study

The final, 3rd year, is devoted to individual research work and the preparation and defence of a doctoral dissertation.

In the event of a student, for justifiable reasons, not completing study requirements, s/he must present a request to the competent commission for the holding over of status. The request must be accompanied by documentary evidence of the reasons for student status to be held over. 

The condition for completion and obtaining the scientific title of doctor of science is that the candidate successfully completes all study requirements specified in the programme, is enrolled in all three years of doctoral study, and successfully defends a doctoral dissertation. 

A doctoral student is required to publish at least one scientific article from the field of the doctorate in an internationally recognised journal on the SCI index, or exceptionally SSCI index  or AHCI and has an impact factor. A doctoral student must be the first author of the article. The scientific article must be published or accepted for publication prior to the defence of the doctoral dissertation. If the doctoral student exercises the right to publish a scientific article instead of presenting the theme of the doctoral dissertation, an additional article must be published prior to defending the doctorate, in compliance with the required criteria.

Obtaining the scientific title

The interdisciplinary doctoral study program in Biosciences enables a student to obtain the scientific title of doctor of science, with the scientific field cited on the doctoral diploma.