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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

Transfer between study programs

Transfer between study programmes shall be considered to be cessation of student education in the study programme in which the student was enrolled and continuation of education in the interdisciplinary doctoral programme in Biosciences. Requests from candidates for transfer to the doctoral studies in Biosciences will be dealt with individually by the competent commission (Commission for Doctoral Studies) in compliance with the Statute UL. 

Transfer between various study programmes for obtaining the same level of education is possible if at least half of the requirements for enrolment in the new study programme, which the candidate performed in the first study programme, can be recognised (in compliance with the Statute UL). 

The interdisciplinary doctoral study programme in Biosciences is planned in such a way that it enables domestic and international exchange on all levels of implementation of the programme, from research and experimental work to the exchange of subjects with comparable programmes of other universities on the basis of international contracts and bilateral agreements. International exchange is also possible through the cooperation of visiting professors to member providers of studies and cooperation in programmes of mobility for students (Ceepus and others). The programme is also open to foreign students. Cooperation with other higher education and research institutions abroad takes place within the framework of scientific research projects, through the cooperation of foreign professors in individual subject (co)mentorship and cooperation in assessment and defences of doctoral dissertations.

Ensuring mobility

Doctoral students may, during the 1st and 2nd years, with the agreement of supervisors and coordinators of the field, select a total of 15 ECTS elective content from other programmes of UL, comparable programmes of other Slovene or foreign universities and from subjects for which the University of Ljubljana will invite applications and which will enable the candidate to gain special knowledge and generic skills. Participation in international competitions and summer schools which have a program of credit points and which conclude with a test of knowledge, is also encouraged. Exceptionally, a doctoral student may, with the agreement of the supervisor and field coordinator, also choose more contents from other study programmes.