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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

Competences and tasks of field coordinators

  • The coordinator cooperates with relevant services in the preparation of applications for co-financing of studies and, later, in fulfilling obligations from the contract on co-financing studies;
  • S/he ensures coordination of the work of mentors and lecturers;
  • S/he ensures timely replacement of absent teachers in the study process;
  • S/he supervises the supplementing and up-dating of the study programme by making harmonised proposals to the senate of the parent faculty and then to the Programme Council;
  • S/he takes part at sessions at which doctoral procedures are decided;
  • S/he helps candidates in making contact with potential mentors;
  • S/he cooperates in the preparation of individual subjects of candidates enrolled in the selected scientific field. S/he co-signs the syllabus;
  • Takes part at the meetings of Programme Council.