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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

Mentors and co-mentors in doctoral studies shall be university teachers with the title of assistant professor, associate professor or full professor, or academic worker with the title of scientific associate, senior scientific associate or academic counsellor, and shall demonstrate their research work, with the requisite bibliography, from the broader field covered by the doctoral dissertation. The minimum condition for proven research activity of a (co)supervisor, is a bibliography of the last five years that achieves 150 points according to SICRIS and has an index of important achievements A1/2 higher than 0 points.

Mentors and co-mentors may also be persons with the appropriate habilitation of another institute (domestic or foreign) and who have references from the broader field covered by the topic of a doctoral dissertation, and who work in a study programme or are employed by an institute with whom the UL or a member faculty of the UL has concluded an agreement or entered into a cooperation agreement.

A mentor may serve in that role for a maximum of six doctoral candidates in a four-year doctoral study programme and for a maximum of five doctoral candidates in a three-year doctoral study programme, provided that candidates are enrolled in a doctoral study programme and are making regular progress in that programme. That number shall not include doctoral candidates who have submitted their dissertation for assessment. The aforementioned restriction shall not apply to co-mentors.