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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

The aim of the programme Economics of Natural Resources is to train doctoral students for individual fields of scientific work within the framework of biosciences that apply social science knowledge in the field of production and processing of food, production of wood and other goods and non-material benefits deriving from natural, human and capital resources connected to biological and biotechnical processes. Particular stress is given to studying the social aspect of managing natural resources and the role of the state. 

The programme is intended primarily to train students for in depth empirical work, so candidates within the framework of the methodologically based subject are familiarised with the planning of research work, methods of obtaining and processing data and the use of quantitative and qualitative methods. Methodological knowledge can be deepened with elective subjects in the field of operational research and multivariate statistical methods and individual contents within the framework of other elective subjects. 

The other basic subject introduces candidates to individual narrower content fields, which are determined by the subject of research work. Theoretical concepts, research questions and approaches are presented. This is a wide spectrum of different fields, among which we should mention new agro-economic paradigms, the development of management of production processes, studies of consumer habits, comparative legal aspects, sectorial mathematical modelling, politological and discursive studies, rural sociological relations and others. If a candidate decides to elaborate a task from one of these fields, it is possible to supplement this knowledge with more detailed elective contents within the framework of this field and with a choice of subjects from comparable doctoral programmes at home and abroad.




prof. dr. Luka Juvančič
Biotechnical Faculty
Department of Zootechnics
Groblje 3, SI - 1230 Domžale                  
phone: 01 320 39 25
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

prof. dr. Andrej Udovč
Biotechnical Faculty
Department of Agronomy
Jamnikarjeva 101, SI - 1000 Ljubljana                  
phone: 01 320 32 56
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.