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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

Cell sciences are based on cell biology, which is an explicitly dynamic, integrative field of science in which the aim is to recognise the structure and functions of eukaryontic cells in normal and diseased states. The subject of research is individual cells in cell culture and cells as part of tissue and organs.


The scientific field of cell sciences is planned so that it communicates knowledge of the dynamic nature of cell structures in connection with secretion, division, differentiation and cell death, mainly concerning the distribution of the endomembrane system, organisation of the cytoskeleten of intercellular communication and physiological renewal of tissue. Sections from the fields of molecular cell and systemic physiology enable understanding of strategies for transforming the functioning of cells with engineering approaches and biotechnical methods. The program includes sections on the functioning of selected toxins and the dynamics of metals in regulatory cell processes and the functioning of affected cells. 

The interdisciplinary scientific field of cell sciences has been planned by higher education teachers in cooperation with chairs and laboratories of the Biology Department UL, the Biotechnical Faculty, Institute of Pathophysiology of the Medical Faculty UL, Institute of Cell Biology of the Medical Faculty UL, National Institute of Biology, Biomedical Scientific Centre of Cells and the Jožef Stefan Institute. 

The program provides excellent research opportunities and an interdisciplinary approach to the field of cell sciences. It is intended for students who wish to obtain theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of cell biology, molecular physiology and the biology of membranes and toxins.


assist. prof. dr. Nada Žnidaršič
Biotechnical Faculty
Oddelek za biologijo
Večna pot 111, SI - 1000 Ljubljana                
phone: +386 1 320 34 20
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akad. prof. dr. Robert Zorec
Medical Faculty
Zaloška 4, SI - 1000 Ljubljana                   
phone: +386 1 543 70 20
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.